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» Satia Synthetics is a Leading Company in the Cotton Yarn manufacturing. » Each and Every Lot is Tested with latest Equipments
Satia Synthetics Ltd


The company aims to supply quality yarns to meet customer needs by ensuring that quality is built into its product.

We have been using a comprehensive management system to test each and every lot with the latest Uster equipment AFIS. Therefore out of our stock of cotton which is always 5-6 months (old?), we have fixed a mix which ensures that the mixing is not only homogenous but also of consistently, long-lasting high quality.

Our mixing incorporates 20-25 lots in order to maintain our desired parameters.  We check the UQL, Short Fibre %, Neps, Seed coat Neps, trash, & Mic in cotton, of 10% of the bales of each lot. The mixing plan is then made in such a way as to ensure minimal change to the properties of the parameters. We add the new lots in such a way that the change over of the parameters is minimal to avoid Barre & shade variation in fabric

Process Control :
We have autolevellers in Carding & Draw frame for minimum wrapping variation. The randomization at each stage is maintained to avoid Barre. The neps and trash in the Card sliver, Comber sliver are checked on Uster AFIS regularly and optimized at each stage.
Uster of Card Sliver, Comber sliver, D/F sliver and Speed frame Roving is checked on Uster evenness Tester-3 regularly and optimized at each stage.
Uster, Imperfection, Hairiness and Classimate of the yarn is checked at Ring Frame and Autoconer stage with Uster Evenness Tester-3 & Uster Classimate -3. The TPI of the yarn, Count, CV% C.S.P., CV% is checked regularly by latest instruments. The moisture in the yarn is checked after packing by oven dry method.

To ensure that produced yarn quality conforms to international level, the testing laboratory is equipped with worlds latest testing instruments such as



    Our Yarn Parameter Results fall in 5% to 15% of
    Uster standards, achieved through

    Raw Material Selection through Experienced Technicians

    Latest Technology of Spinning Facilities

    Technical Know How

    Human Skills

    100% Quality Assurance by Company

The following activities are carried out to ensure quality assurance in our yarns;

  • Raw material, in-process material & Final yarn Inspection
  • Recording of all data in computer for storage and retrieval of process parameters, raw material parameters & yarn parameters
  • Statistical analysis of all process control studies done in each department for comparison of day to day results and trials.
  • Quality tracking using control charts and other analysis graphs.
  • Periodical Quality Reports

To maintain consisent excellence in quality on a continuous basis, the company has standardized its procedures and systems for which BIS has awarded ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification to
Satia Synthetics Ltd in 2003


  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Continuous efforts to improve product quality and productivity.
  • Continuous training to employees to improve work methods.
  • Cost reduction.

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