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 Saturday, April 1, 2023   19:15
Satia Synthetics is a Leading Company in the Cotton Yarn manufacturing. Each and Every Lot is Tested with latest Equipments
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Raw Material


The market has become increasingly competitive with the customer becoming more quality conscious. Besides, advancement of Textile machinery in terms of speed and technology, there is demand for stringent quality parameter of cotton fibers. Therefore it is very important for a Spinning mill to know all the important cotton fiber properties as well as to understand how these cotton fiber properties interact with processing conditions to determine the yarn quality.

The product quality begins with raw material selection and the world class yarn comes only from superior quality cotton. To ensure high quality yarns, we procedure our raw material from selected cotton stations, where our experienced cotton selectors exercise control of quality from cotton markets and ginning factories.

We are producing 100% cotton grey yarn from Indian cotton and it does contain contamination like hair, Jute, colored threads, Plastic etc. Lady worker are deployed on the cotton heaps during ginning process to pick any type of cotton contaminations, Further manual Packing of contamination is intensively carried out for 100% bales, before feeding to blow-room for minimization of contamination

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